"Alamoudi is one of the few families who started business globally in coffee plantations and trading since early 1955 and then broadened their portfolio in several other areas such as Construction, FMCG, Mining, Pharmaceuticals and Investment projects."



Rayan Investments plc is engaged in mineral exploration, import, export, agro industry and real estate. Rayan has obtained exploration licenses for different mineral groups ra rkg irkg from gold, base metals to cement raw materials and decorative stones.
With the objective of establishing two cement plants in the country, Rayan has successfully explored and defined deposits suitable for cement production in Dire Dawa and Goha Tsion areas. The company is currently completing feasibility studies on the two cement projects and the two plants target major market centers of the country.
In order to run a profitable cement plant through substituting coal imports for the planned cement plants, the company endeavors to discover its own coal and oil shale (energy minerals) - thereby conducting exploration activities in two localities of western and southwestern Ethiopia.
The company also secured three exploration licenses for gold and base metals and defined encouraging targets. In an effort to develop its own quarry and processing plant, Rayan explored granite deposit in western Ethiopia. The company is finalizing feasibility study on the prospect and is searching for marble deposit in the vicinity. Rayan is a good corporate citizen and its mining wing alone created permanent jobs for more than 10 highly skilled and semi-skilled Ethiopian professionals.
Contact person:
Mr. Abdurahman Ali
Deputy General Manager
Cellular: 251-911-20-00-85
Address : Rayan Investments Plc
P.O.Box 2343 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Tel.: 251 116 189221/22/24
Fax : 251 116 18 92 27
E-mail: rayaninvst@ethionet.et
Mr. Gesit Tilahun Director,
Exploration and Mining Dept.
Cellular: 251-911-88-08-48