"Alamoudi is one of the few families who started business globally in coffee plantations and trading since early 1955 and then broadened their portfolio in several other areas such as Construction, FMCG, Mining, Pharmaceuticals and Investment projects."


In 1955, Alamoudi started the coffee business in Ethiopia where it is a national heritage, more than a cash export crop. Legend traces the discovery of coffee back to the 3rd century when Kaldi shared his discovery with monks who found that consuming the berries helped them stay awake during long hours of prayer. So when the actual discovery of coffee was made, it is undeniable that Ethiopia is at the heart and soul of coffee production. Against this splendid background, Alamoudi's business acumen makes history. Six decades old, the Alamoudi Group now employs a number of people across the world and is an industry leader in many of its fields of endeavor. Alamoudi remains a family-owned and -operated business. Strong management, fiscal responsibility, careful planning and diligent research are hallmarks of the businesses that make up the Alamoudi Group of Companies – ensuring the mission statement of its founder: growth and sustainability for the people and the businesses. At Alamoudi, our aim is to change the ways people live, work and view success. We will realize this vision in a variety of ways: by enriching our development with a sense of community, incorporating best practices of sustainability, and celebrate our rich culture and heritage by blending elements of the past with modern-day technologies and innovations.
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